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Unique Cave Style Home For Sale in Malibu: Owned by Dick Clark

Just like a scene out of Bedrock, this cave-style home is up for sale. What’s the cost? A cool 3.5 million for this Malibu home in California. Guess who owns it?

American Bandstand legend, Dick Clark is selling his cave style home. Take a look at the custom-built features of this rocking style pad.

Great design features encapsulate the unique architecture of this home.

The kitchen has a curved style soft rock in a clean style overlooking the Malibu mountaintop. With so much natural light pouring in, this is anything from a traditional cave. Yet who wouldn’t want to cook their meals here!

The Malibu home sits on 23 acres offering 1 Bedroom, 2 Bathrooms, living room, dining room and a wine cellar. The living room and dining rooms showcase vaulted ceilings. There’s even a fireplace to keep a cozy couple warm in this cave-style home. The bathroom is built right into the rock formation.

Resting on a bluff, this retreat has a 360-degree view of the Pacific Ocean, the Channel Islands, the Serrano Valley and the Boney Mountains.

The cave is as unique as The Flintstones. With a wide-open feel inside, the bedroom boasts a huge opening above the bed. The interior furnishings are soft and round with a clean and elegant style.

The scenic views are featured throughout the entire space, offering a glance to the outside world in every room.

With full glass windows in the living room, residents feel they are part of the great outdoors.

With an expansive use of glass, the ever-changing views are stunning. 

It’s a quiet retreat that offers intimate gatherings, privacy and yet it sits just minutes away from the beach. 

For 3.5 million this home of Dick Clark could be yours. To view its listing, visit

Editor’s Update: On April 18, 2012 Dick Clark passed away from a massive heart attack. He was 82. For more information see The Life and Legacy of Dick Clark: A tribute to an Inspirational Icon.

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